Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat

Adding Zeros To Your Company Isn’t Magic

By Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt

Pulling Profits Out of a Hat is a must read for any CEO, corporate executive, entrepreneur or business owner that is weary of small painful incremental growth in their company.

It demystifies business growth, provides an actionable guide to achieving greater company stability, sales predictability, employee stability, consistent company performance, and emotional connections.

This book is an easy and fast read for busy executives, and gives you advice you can use in your business immediately.

Company’s like Apple, Amazon, and IKEA make growth look like magic. That is because it is easier to believe business success is the result of luck or mysterious forces rather than careful, consistent, and disciplined behaviors.

What truly sets great companies apart is their ability to instill and master the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth.

In this book you will discover how the 5 disciplines: strategy, business development, people, execution, and mission work together to take your company to the next level and well beyond.

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The 5 Disciplines Assessment

Get the truth about your business and what is holding you back

The Five Disciplines Assessment is for executives, leaders and managers.

It focuses on identifying strong points, weaknesses and areas of improvement. The assessment will help you select your priorities and recognize your strengths. It will point out what you need to change in your organization regarding your and your team’s focus and discipline.

The point of the Five Disciplines Assessment is not only to educate but to allow executives to take action.

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The 5 Disciplines Online Training Course

This online training course is a quick start guide to implementing the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth in your company.

The course features 24 short but powerful videos that distill and expand upon the lessons taught in Pulling Profits Out of a Hat. They will trigger critical discussions that begin moving your company forward in all 5 disciplines.

The 5 Disciplines Online Training Course includes 24 videos, 23 worksheets, and an implementation manual to help make the 5 Disciplines permanent in your company.




Monte Wyatt

Monte is one of the top business coaches in ActionCOACH Business Coaching and brings over 20 years of leadership and personal development experience to executives and business owners. He coaches CEOs and business owners to improve their business through greater awareness, education of proven strategies and tactics, implementation and execution, and finally discipline to stay focused on their goals.

In addition to coaching executives & business owners one-on-one, Monte conducts public and private workshops and seminars. His goal is to help executives and business owners reach their full potential. Monte is the co-author of Pulling Profits Our of a Hat - Adding Zeros to Your Company isn’t Magic.


Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars in the Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm, with more than 1000 offices in 77 countries. ActionCOACH provides weekly training to over 15,000 companies. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur and dedicated family man, he is also the best selling author of 16 acclaimed business books (including four international bestsellers). Brad has taught over a million people worldwide on how to create a business, real estate, and financial success.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

The Miser’s Dream: Something Out of Nothing

Chapter 2

Believe in Magic: The Power of Exponential Growth

Chapter 3

Master the Magic: The Five Disciplines of Adding Zeros

Chapter 4

How the 5 Disciplines Add Zeros

Chapter 5

Wowing the Crowds: Satisfying your Constituents

Chapter 6

What’s Up Your Sleeve: Take a Self-Assessment

Chapter 7

Sustainability: the Fountain of Youth Adding Zeros Through the Discipline of Strategy

Chapter 8

Predictability: the Crystal Ball Adding Zeros Through the Discipline of Business Development

Chapter 9

Stability: the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Adding Zeros through the Discipline of People

Chapter 10

Consistency: the Incantation Adding Zeros through the Discipline of Execution

Chapter 11

Emotional Connection The Love Potion Adding Zeros Through The Discipline of Mission

Chapter 12

Putting It Together: Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning

Chapter 13


What People Are Saying About Pulling Profits

Sharon Lechter
CPA CGMA, Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, Co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Three Feet from Gold, Rich Dad Poor Dad and 14 other books in the Rich Dad Series

“Pulling Profits reveals how to identify new income streams by pulling enormous wealth out of overlooked areas of your business. Using their vast experience as two of the world’s leading business and executive coaches, Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt offer a system to help you achieve sustainable, exponential growth in all levels of your organization. They provide definitive action steps to fix what needs help, and even to vastly improve what’s already working well. Pulling Profits is a handbook for building a sustainable business.”

Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg
partners in Buyer Legends, and authors of national bestsellers Call to Action and Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?

"When a business knows its people and understands its clients at a personal level, the business will grow. It seems simple, but execution takes discipline and a well-thought-out strategy. That’s what Pulling Profits provides: a plan of action for exponential growth, thanks to its focus on people. It gives business owners the tools to make detailed assessments of their companies and the part that everyone in an organization plays in its success. Only when you truly understand every stakeholder, from customer to colleague, can you start the strategic thinking you need to build a sustainable and profitable company."

Aaron Scott Young
CEO, Entrepreneur, Creator, The Unshackled Owner Program

"How do you build a sustainable company? How do you create exponential growth? Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt know how. In Pulling Profits Out of a Hat, these topnotch businesses and executive coaches have turned their wide-ranging experience into an extraordinarily detailed program for business success. It all starts by placing people over profit and building from there."